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 Spamming Policy

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PostSubject: Spamming Policy   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:23 am

Just some things for you to know, here at The Great Siege:

Here at The Great Siege, we are extremely tolerant of spam. However, there are a few guidelines that we must put in place for the general wellbeing of our community.

First, if you're going to talk to a single person, just do it over Private Messages. Its hard for the other users to talk around you, and it's just obnoxious.

Second, posting purely for the point of racking up posts and gaining ranks is unacceptable. We've got nothing against spam, but don't post things containing only smilies, or things unrelated to anything.

Third, creating spam topics, such as "1...2...3" is allowed, just don't move spamming to non-spam topics. Also creating topics not related to gaming is allowed. Just don't ask personal questions such as "What's your Phone #" or something.

And finally, don't advertise other sites here. If you have a personal MySpace page or something, and you want to put the link in your signature, that's fine. But don't link to your own forums or something.

Other than that, spam away!

Please also know that only Admins type in bold red font.
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Spamming Policy
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